The all new concept from Genesis boasts a luxurious body and utilizes Hyundai’s latest hydrogen fuel cell electric technology.

Meet Genesis GV80, a luxury SUV concept

Hyundai’s in-house luxury brand Genesis has finally unveiled its SUV concept at the New York Auto Show yesterday. Although we don’t have any details regarding the vehicle, what we do know is that the GV80 is a luxury SUV with zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell technology.

On the outside, we do see the typical Hyundai/Genesis “aerodynamic” contours, but other than that, it’s not at all like Genesis’ current lineup. The grille is now filled with diamond mesh, something that is reminiscent of Bentley, and the alluring quad headlights are extremely sexy albeit Ford Cherokee-like.

The inside is what truly exudes luxury: the red leather finish combined with polished aluminum and organic ash wood looks fantastic, and just like the New York concept sedan that the company unveiled a while back, there is a 22-inch OLED screen that Genesis calls “Infinity Display” (Sound familiar? It’s the same term that Samsung uses for the Galaxy S8). The display extends across the entire dashboard, and from what I’ve seen on the New York concept, it’s simply amazing.

As Genesis puts, the GV80 will take full advantage of “the latest plug-in hydrogen fuel cell electric technology to combine eco-performance and capability, all skillfully designed to fulfill the needs and explore the escapes of the urban adventurer.”

Hydrogen fuel cell on the rise?

Hyundai has been one of the few car companies to insist on hydrogen fuel cell technology. In the long-run, hydrogen fuel cell technology allows for zero-emission vehicles with a range that equals a conventional car. It’s true that with the current focus on battery-powered cars, the infrastructure that’s being built is also solely around battery-charging stations, but with companies like Hyundai and Honda continuing to push fuel cell, we may see yet another paradigm shift in the EV market.

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