After a few weeks of teasers, Kia finally took the wraps off of the Stinger GT here at the Detroit Auto Show 2017, and it was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the event. We caught up with Neil Dunlop, Kia Product Communication Manager, to talk about the Stinger GT, Kia’s electrification plans for the future, and a whole lot more!

Kia is hoping that the Stinger GT will be a game changer for the brand, with the sports sedan the first of its kind from the company. Featuring a design that has been inspired by the Kia GT Concept from back in 2011 and GT4 Concept from a few years ago, while obviously not being as futuristic and “concept-like,” the Stinger GT comes with a 3.3 liter V6 Turbo engine that has 365 bhp. All that power aside, what is also impressive is the fact that you can switch rear wheel drive and all wheel drive.

Speaking about Kia’s plans for the hybrid and electric car segment, Neil mentioned that Kia has plans to invest over $5 billion over the next 10 years for research and development in green technology, what Kia is calling their Green Car Roadmap. Of course, Kia already has several hybrid vehicles available,like the Optima Hybrid, and the latest of which is the Niro, which is a crossover vehicle and the first strictly hybrid car the company has produced.

The Kia Niro is also the holder of a significant world record, achieved when Wayne Gerdes drove from Los Angeles to New York utilizing a little over four tanks of gas, with an impressive mileage of 76.6 mpg. And this is without having the car modified in any way of course, with the entire drive made with a co-passenger, all their luggage and equipment, and two spare tires.

We are witness to a steady rise in autonomous cars, and Kia doesn’t plan to be left behind of this upcoming trend. While some of their cars already come with autonomous features, and the capability already exists, market restrictions are what is holding Kia and other car manufacturers back in this department, but that is slowly but surely going to change. Over the next ten years, we can expect to see a growing influx of such cars in the real world.


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