Although focused on commercial drone operations, the newly announced Kittyhawk Flight Deck is a powerful front-end tool to help you with your drone flights. Starting before the flight and helping handle post-flight logging, the new dashboard fits in the middle, a flight-time tool to help you get the best from your maneuvers.

Safety is core to the project, as is convenience, now eliminating the need to switch between your essential flying app and supplementary apps while in the air.

Make no mistake, Kittyhawk is a robust platform for commercial pilot needs. The main benefits of the new Flight Deck are for commercial operations, specifically in tying the rest of the Kittyhawk products together.

Having all of the important things to know in one place is handy for any pilot. Check advisories, weather and see at a glance if you are in a safe and legal place to fly all on the go.

Integration with AirMap is an important aspect as well, offering up situational awareness on your flight and the flights in your surrounding area. The combined systems can inform other pilots of your location and operations as well as keeping you informed of their maneuvers. Flight logs are automated as well, keeping track of your systems and operations without having to remember to go back and enter things manually after the fact.

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As we say, this is a commercial tool for commercial pilots, there are costs involved in using the Kittyhawk systems. If you are in need for a tool to help with the planning and tracking of all aspects of your flight, take a look at Kittyhawk and Airmap.

How do you track your drone flights?

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