Lynk & Co, has been making the news a lot lately. We shared their images of a concept car built on a Volvo framework last week. We had some news on their future plans more recently and now have a sedan to admire. This all electric car is right in line with the American market, now we have only to see if this Chinese brand, underneath Geely, can come through.

The new car we’re seeing is the Lynk & Co 03 Concept. A hefty looking mid-sized sedan that appears poised to take on the likes of Tesla and Car2Go. Wait, Car2Go? Yes indeed, there is talk of creating a subscription model for this car, pay per use.

We’ve seen many electric car startups in the last short while, a major advantage that Lynk & Co have over some is that they are the international brand for Geely. Geely is the Chinese company that owns the automotive division of Volvo. So far, the Lynk & Co 01 and 03 are said to be built on a Volvo framework – like the cars or not, that is a long history of safety and reliability as the starting point for these new electric cars.

Pedigree aside, there is little actual info at this point for the new concept car. As with the last, Lynk & Co has provided press images for the 03 Concept, and really nothing more. Scouring through the documents, and putting them through Translate, we understand that the 01, at least, will have two 10-inch+ displays that make up the dash and the entertainment center, but that’s not exactly what we were looking for for this article.

As for that subscription service, again very little info is available. We know that ride sharing services are doing well for themselves, short term car rental programs are not in the spotlight, but remain an important service for many commuters. We do not know yet if the teased subscription service will be more like the per minute/hourly rate setup of players like Car2Go, Zipcar or the newer BMW driving experience, ReachNow, or if we’re looking at monthly rentals or longer.

Be sure to stay tuned for more details on both the cars and services coming out of Lynk & Co. For now, I’ll just dump those 03 Concept images into a gallery below. Hit the comments to let us know what you think so far.

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