November 18, 2016


The LA Auto Show is under way, but here at Charged we just can’t wait around. We have been rushing to get you all the goods and among all these novelties is the highly anticipated Chevy Bolt EV. We managed to get an interview with GM’s Marketing Director Steve Majoros, who has taken the time to tell us just what makes this 2017 model special.

Majoros is quick to remind us that this is not simply an older vehicle with an electric package pushed inside. Instead, Chevrolet has “specifically designed, engineered and manufactured it to be an electric vehicle.” It has a whole new architecture and a design the company is quite proud of.

While previous electric vehicles have been less serious automobiles. The Bolt EV has a crossover proportion, with pushed out wheels, a low belt line, fold-flat seats, dual storage, a cargo hatch and more. But that simply makes this a good car, right? Chevrolet also has to make sure the selling point (it being electric) is, well… selling.


This vehicle promises 238 pure EV miles at a cost of under $30,000 (after federal tax credits). Of course, the car is also filled with a bunch of goodies, including security features, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, wireless charging, a rear view camera, surround vision and more. Steve claims it is these little things that make the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV a special car for the mass consumer.

When and where will it be available?

Chevrolet is not giving us a specific launch date, but they do mention sales should start sometime in December. They just need some time to build a sufficient amount of vehicles and start shipping them out to “select markets”. There is a more avid EV community in markets like California and Oregon, so that’s where these vehicles will head at first. They will then pursue a full national distribution in 2017.

Interested? We know you have other questions, such as charging availability, the future of autonomous driving and more. You will find all much of those details in our full video, so give it a watch and hit the comments to let us know if this is a vehicle you would consider buying!

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