Singaporean firm Vanda Electrics has made the cutest e-bike we think we’ve ever seen and we think the Motochimp could be the start of a new wave of bikes that the hipster crowd, and the rest of us, will just love.

So far e-bikes have essentially followed the classic design. Some have even gone further and adopted a retro look to clothe the modern technology, but this is a modern and minimalist approach that we think is going to find a market.

It’s a hobby horse, a scooter and a bike

You can have one in red, blue or yellow and most of the crucial components are safely tucked away in that blocky body that is somehow reminiscent of a hobby horse. Everything else hangs off that main piece and that suggests it should be easy to modify and personalize like an old-school scooter.

The top speed is 19mph, which means it could fall somewhere between a motorbike and an ebike in some territories and the company might have to think on its feet and restrict the 350W motor when it sells internationally.

The company will start with Japan and inner city Tokyo could easily take to this bike. With a projected price tag of around $2000, though, and a range of 37 miles, it could fit right in to Los Angeles, London and Berlin just as easily.

We like the design and we think this ebike could be a winner.

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