It looks like Mercedes-Benz is working on a new electric car. According to Autocar, the German manufacturer will take the wraps off a relatively affordable hatchback with a long range at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

Called the EQ A, it will go head to head with the BMW i3 and the upcoming Volkswagen I.D. Although it will be announced this year, it won’t be available anytime soon. The company will start selling it in the year 2020 for less than £35,000 or $45,000.

Mercedes-Benz has big plans for its EQ line of electric vehicles. Last year, the company took the wraps of the luxury SUV by the name of EQ C. Based on recent trademark applications, we can also expect to see the EQ E and EQ S models in the future. There are more to come, as the automaker wants to release 10 electric vehicles before 2022 as part of a £8.6 billion ($11 billion) program.

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May 20, 2017

The EQ A won’t be the company’s first electric hatchback. Mercedes-Benz has an all-electric B-Class on offer, which isn’t built on the new EQ all-electric platform but rather on a gas-powered platform. The EV also uses an electric powertrain that was, until last year, produced by Tesla.

Things will be quite different when it comes to the company’s upcoming EV. Mercedes-Benz won’t be relying on other companies as much when it come to production and will focus on range, among other things, which is one of the most important factors for consumers when it comes to EVs. There’s no word on what the range will be, but it will surely beat the one offered by the all-electric B-Class, which can go for only 87 miles on a full charge.

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