Nissan is working on the next generation Leaf EV, which will be announced later this year. Although we are still quite a few months away from its reveal, the company has started building hype by releasing the first teaser image of the vehicle.

It doesn’t show the entire car, as all we can see is the Leaf’s headlight. As expected, the company has decided to ditch the bug-eyed headlights found on its predecessor and opt for something a little bit more modern. You can check the image out below.

The headlights obviously aren’t the only new thing we expect to see on the upcoming EV. In order to spark consumer interest and go head to head with EVs like the Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt, the upcoming Nissan Leaf will look a lot different than its predecessor.

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Next generation Nissan LEAF spotted with a brand-new design

March 30, 2017

A new design is only one of the major changes. The new generation of the EV will also offer a lot more range. The company has already announced that the car will be able to go for 350 to 400 kilometers (217 to 248 miles) on a full charge. For comparison reasons, the current Leaf offers a range of 280 kilometers (174 miles).

In addition to the brand new design and a longer range, the Nissan Leaf will also be equipped with the ProPILOT self-driving technology. The company will officially take the wraps off the EV in September, while deliveries are expected to kick off before the end of this year.

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