October 10, 2016

Recently the Rimac Concept One demolished a LaFerrari on the strip and it has done the same to the Porsche 918 Spyder, although there are caveats.

We’re just waiting for the McLaren P1 to get the same treatment and then the Rimac will have claimed the scalps of the entire ‘Holy Trinity’. Bar the Bugatti Chiron, which could easily come off second best on the quarter-mile run, too, depending on the driver, these are the greatest examples of hybrid engineering in the supercar world.

The all-electric hypercar is ritually humiliating them. Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche simply don’t have anything faster to throw at this, even the F1 and Le Mans cars might struggle and they really aren’t even close to road-legal. Surprisingly the Tesla Model S P100D might have the best shot at the Rimac, but that’s a heavier car and we have our doubts it could stick with the Croatian rocket in a side-by-side run.

Technically, the Porsche actually won

Now the bad news, the Porsche 918 actually got the best time, with a 9.8s, so technically it won by the narrowest of margins if we’re just talking about a one-shot time. That’s really the way drag racing works. But here’s the thing, the Rimac finished with a 9.9s run and laid waste to the Porsche in most of the runs. The 918 was also equipped with Trofeo R rubber, which both drivers recognize had a major impact on the dragstrip time.

In fact, just watch the video, the drivers’ reaction says more than the pure numbers. Youtuber Salomondrin is a man with a 918 Spyder at his disposal and a winning time, conceding defeat on the grounds of consistency, technology, just about everything. The Porsche also overheated for good measure.

Mate Rimac, the man behind the monster, took the wheel on what he claimed was his first trip to a proper dragstrip. That sounds a little far-fetched for a man that started out building record breaking EV drag racers, but we’ll skate past that point.

The worrying thing, particularly for Bugatti, is that Rimac is cutting through the world’s best with his slowest car. Now with (811kW) 1088bhp and 1200lb/ft of torque, the Concept One is hardly what you’d call asthmatic. But there’s a faster, strong car on the way.

Rimac’s Concept One S is faster

The Concept One S is coming and that will have 1032kW (1384bhp). It will do 227mph with a long enough runway and should be significantly faster throughout the range. It, too, has an electric motor in each wheel that provides advanced all-wheel torque vectoring. That meters the power precisely and is the main reason behind the Rimac’s consistency in these drag runs.

It’s effectively running a launch control system all of the time as each motor provides an in-built traction control system that work together and independently to get the power down as effectively as possible.

When the new car is ready then there are no tires on this Earth that will help the Porsche and the McLaren P1 and Bugatti Chiron could both have a very serious problem if they ever line up in front of the Christmas tree lights for a blast down the strip. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea for the owners to race for pink slips.

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