The numbers are in for 2016. We already know that green energy from sources like solar and wind power are up, but it turns out that the entire U.S. power production in 2016 was lower than 2015.

The report is from the EIA, that’s the U.S. Energy Information Administration, released March 31. They outline energy production numbers for most sources, but what stood out to us, 18 percent reduction in coal powered energy production and an overall four percent reduction in total power output.

One needs to simply look around their home to understand the growing power needs of our nation. At least that is my initial reaction looking at how many items are attached to each wall outlet in my home. Thing is, I discounted the value of homes that have installed solar or wind power production, and the drastically reduced power consumption of LED light bulbs.

What I’m saying, it came as a bit of a shock that total US power production was down in 2016. I am happy to see that fossil fuel energy production has gone down as renewable sources have gone up. As mentioned, coal use has gone down nearly 20 percent, hopefully this trend can continue this year, we’re excited to see more renewable sources put to use.

In the end, the report says that there was 84.1 quadrillion BTU (British thermal units) produced in the United Sates in 2016. Green energy jumped up seven percent over 2015.

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