December 27, 2016

Rimac, a Croatian company, has recently released a short video showcasing its facilities in the town of Sveta Nedelja. The video gives us an aerial view over the company’s facilities which include vehicle assembly, showroom, design studio, and others. But what really caught our eye is the “secret OEM projects” building that appears in the last frame of the video.

It looks like Rimac is currently working on some secret projects and we’re curious as to what they might be. But unfortunately, the company has not revealed any information regarding them yet. We don’t even know when Rimac might unveil whatever it’s working on to the public, but we hope that we’ll be able to at least get a glimpse of it soon.

Rimac is best known for its Concept One electric car, which is one of the fastest electric cars on the market with a top speed of 221 mph. But the company has more to offer. Back in October, it introduced the GreypG12H electric bike that has a 150-mile range on a single charge. The company also wants to become a major supplier of full batteries and drivetrains to OEM manufacturers and is currently in the process of raising money to kick-start production.

It will be interesting to see what the company, which has around 150 employees, will come up with next. Rimac has proven itself to be quite innovative in the past so, hopefully, it will continue to develop more interesting and unique products in the future.

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