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BMW reaches the 100,000 milestone with EVs, automated driving next

BMW announced that it has sold 100,000 electric vehicles in the past three years, ever since the i3 was first introduced.
avatarby Brian ReighNovember 4, 20160 comments

Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous vs BMW i8

The Tesla Model S P100D vs BMW i8, it's a battle of the environmental titans. We look at the power, speed and design, which one wins?
avatarby Nick HallSeptember 17, 20160 comments

BMW set to flick EV switch in 2021

BMW will sell full electric cars in 2021 and the next generation i8 will have the equivalent of 750bhp from three high-revving motors
avatarby Nick HallAugust 13, 20160 comments

Everything you need to know about the BMW i8

The BMW i8 is fast, frugal and expensive. This petrol-electric hybrid sportscar could be the future. Read the facts, figures and our opinion of this game changing car.
avatarby Nick HallAugust 12, 20160 comments
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