The best electric cars of 2017

It’s a question that crops up all the time: “What is the best electric car?” Of course, it seems like a straightforward question. But if the market confuses you, we’re here to help.

by Nick Hall April 25, 20170 comments

The 10 best electric motorcycles – April 2017

by Nick Hall April 15, 20170 comments

Best drones for sale – consumer grade

by Jonathan Feist April 21, 20170 comments

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced announced – it’s all about the camera

by Jonathan Feist April 13, 20170 comments
Electric Cars

Tesla Model 3 to hit 60 mph in 5.6 seconds

Thanks to a comparison chart, we now know that the Model 3 will go from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds, feature a 15-inch touchscreen, and more.
by Mitja Rutnik14 hours ago

You’ll love your Model 3 eventually, but buy the Model S now – Tesla

The Tesla Model S is superior, sure, but is the Model 3 not worth it? Infographic reveals much about new Model 3 while selling you on a Model S.
by Jonathan Feist3 days ago

Research group thinks Tesla Model 3 must be at least $41,000 to survive

It may cost Tesla as much as $41,000 to build each new Model S electric car. Researchers base this off of a recent Chevy Bolt EV tear down.
by Jonathan Feist5 days ago
Electric Cars

Tesla Model 3 release candidate poses for camera next to Model S

A blue Tesla Model 3 release candidate was spotted on the road while passing a Model S.
by Mitja Rutnik1 week ago
Electric Cars

Tesla Model 3 reservation numbers continue to climb even with no marketing

Tesla founder Elon Musk claims that the number of reservations for its upcoming Model 3 continue to go up every week, with no real marketing campaign.
by John Callaham2 weeks ago
Electric Cars

Tesla to add tons of new service centers and repair trucks ahead of Model 3 launch

Tesla has announced that it will open up almost 100 service, delivery, and sales locations across the globe over the next year and add 100 repair trucks.
by Mitja Rutnik3 weeks ago
Electric Cars

Tesla on track to produce 5,000 Model 3 EVs per week in 2017

Tesla will manufacture 5,000 Model 3s per week this year and 10,000 sometime in 2018.
by Mitja Rutnik3 weeks ago

Tesla Model S vs Tesla Model 3: Family rivalry

The Tesla Model S's biggest rival could come from within. How does the Tesla Model 3 compare when it comes to power, speed, price, performance and more?
by Nick Hall4 weeks ago
Electric Cars

Tesla Model 3 interior revealed in new images

New images of a Tesla Model 3 release candidate give us a glimpse of the car's interior.
by Mitja Rutnik4 weeks ago
Electric Cars

Leaked: An army of robots prepare for Model 3 production in Tesla factory

Tesla has received a large shipment of robots that will be used for the Model 3 production.
by Mitja Rutnik4 weeks ago
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