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Those of you with Tesla Autopilot 2.0 hardware in your cars have the most to cheer about right now – if you haven’t seen it yet, check for an update to your car, software version 8.1 is rolling out. Your Autosteer top speed is increasing and your in-dash UI is getting some tweaks.

The update is still not available for all owners, but will be very soon. The update also seemingly focuses on autonomy features, but voice and audio updates will keep you on track and entertained. Also, a few door and seat controls have been added, ensuring the car fits you perfectly.

The biggest news in the 8.1 software update is that your Tesla with 2nd generation autonomy hardware can now get up to 80 mph. We’re talking about the Autosteer feature here, increased from just 55 mph. Be sure to take note of the calibration process before you head out.

A new Tesla Vision beta feature will park your car for you, this is an Autopilot feature that does not require you to be in the car while it parks.

Next up is Auto Lane Change. Use your turn signal while in Autopilot and you’ll bounce over a lane.

Tim Dorr Google Photos

User preference controls will now allow you to adjust the maximum open height of Falcon Wing doors on your Model X.On the inside, you can control your headrest from the display. This may sound like overkill, but it ensures that the setting is saved into your profile, ensuring comfort and safety every time you drive.

Your navigation experience should improve, updates support better Google Maps voice input, as well as Google ratings and open hours for businesses. When you’re done talking, sit back and listen, the new Favorites Radio station will keep you entertained. It is a personal streaming station that starts with your thumbs-up favorite tunes, then adds in similar songs to expand your listening experience.

It appears the Tesla software update to version 8.1 is rolling out to most all cars, just with different features for each. Grab the update and be sure to let us know in the comments below if we missed anything important.

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