Cars are relatively complex systems. They require a decent amount of maintenance, and can either be fun hobbies for those who are interested in tinkering with them, or a constant source of stress and annoyance for those who just want something to transport them where they need to go. Tesla’s new VP of Autopilot falls in the the latter category, and is hoping to eventually transform cars from giant hunks of machine to appliances that do a single task very, very well.

Chris Latner has just joined Tesla after spending about 11 years at Apple, where he helped create Swift, Apple’s simplistic programming language. He mentions in an interview with Recode’s Dan Frommer that he is not a car person. He says he hates having to do oil changes and other maintenance, and just wants something that can easily solve his problems.

Latner says that while he never considered joining a car company before, Autopilot poses a solution to a problem that has quite a lot of potential. He mentions that self-driving capabilities are quite lofty goals that many before had deemed impossible, and that is something that excites him greatly.

I personally hope that one day we have cars that can satisfy both the power driver and the general commuter, as there are many out there who just love upgrading the parts in their vehicle.

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