December 27, 2016

Now that cars are being controlled almost completely by computers, companies like Tesla can issue hot fixes and software updates to make them run smoother and even faster than ever before. Though this is what the majority of software updates are intended for, there have been a few manufacturers that have opted to include a little more to get a laugh out of customers. Now, among the most popular of these future-car companies, Tesla, has issued a new update to the Tesla Model X and Model S that adds a holiday light show as well as a new “Mars” mode that simulates traversing the vast barren landscape.

The “Holiday” mode is only available on the Model X, but provides quite a spectacular light show for owners of the car. To activate this feature, simply press the Tesla icon positioned atop the screen for about 5 seconds, then enter the code “Holiday” once the passcode field appears. After you do this exit the vehicle and lock the doors, and your Model X will begin flashing bright lights and playing fun holiday music. If you were hoping for a light show, don’t worry, you’ll be getting one.

The second Easter egg is for both Model X and Model S users alike. If you enter “Mars” into the built in navigation zip code field, the vehicle will switch out a map of Mars to replace the built in Earth map. As you drive along to your destination, the display will pan to show movement, but will never quite reach a destination. This is a quirky little feature, and was likely included as a nod to Elon Musk’s other company, SpaceX.

It’s pretty cool to see these features being implemented into our vehicles today. You never know if you might wake up one day and have your car wish you a happy birthday. The technology is here and it’s here to stay, so get ready for it.

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