Tesla Autopilot could have saved a man's life

Back in January, Tesla rolled out an Autopilot software update to all of its HW2 vehicles, which added a few new features. These include a speed-limited version of Autosteer as well as the Traffic-Aware Cruise Control system (TACC), which automatically adjusts the speed of the EV based on the car that is in front of it. Just like the Autosteer, TACC also has a maximum speed limit.

Tesla has now rolled out another update to the cars equipped with the second generation Autopilot, which increases the speed limit of both the Autosteer and TACC by 5 mph. The former now works at speeds of up to 55 mph (90 km/h), while TACC has a new maximum speed of 85 mph (135 km/h).

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March 6, 2017

Despite the new update, the Autopilot for HW2 vehicles still doesn’t have as many features as the company’s first generation Autopilot that uses Mobileye’s technology. But don’t worry, the missing features will eventually be available on HW2 vehicles. These include Autopark, Summon as well as automatic high beams and wipers, among others.

However, there’s no word on exactly when this might happen, but Elon Musk did hint that the new features could be added as soon as this month. Fingers crossed.

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