Tesla has revealed quite a few interesting details in a recent letter to its shareholders. It looks like the production of the Model 3 is on track and will kick off in July, while volume production is scheduled to begin in September. This is great news and means that the first deliveries just might begin by the end of the year if everything goes according to plan.

In order to keep up with the demand, Tesla has to significantly ramp up production. Last year, the company delivered exactly 76,230 vehicles to customers around the globe. That number will soon skyrocket, as Tesla has already received more than 400,000 reservations for the Model 3, which starts at $35,000.

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Tesla also plans to double the number of Supercharger locations in North America this year. It currently has 2,636 Superchargers at 373 locations on the continent. This is a great and smart move, as it is a lot easier to sell electric cars if consumers have access to a lot of charging stations. Additionally, the company wants to expand its mobile repair service. The EV manufacturer claims that more than 80 percent of all repairs can be done at an owner’s home or office.

The company also mentioned that it received 49 percent more global orders for the Model S and X combined in Q4 2016 when compared to the same period in 2015. Both vehicles are apparently in high demand, which is why Tesla will produce 71 percent more cars in the first six months of the year than it did in the first half of 2016.

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