Tesla Solar roof, reinventing the house

If you were thinking of getting Tesla’s recently announced solar roof tiles, you’re in for a long wait: they’re already all sold out well into 2018.

Solar panels, re-imagined

If you’ve seen Tesla’s recent announcement, you may already know just how inconspicuous these roof tiles are. Elon Musk has been very clear on his goal of making solar energy “affordable” and sexy. I’m not sure about the former, given the fact that a typical home owner is expected to pay $21.85 per square foot for it, but they certainly are extremely attractive. You don’t need an awkward, out-of-place panel in your backyard or in the middle of your roof because these tiles look almost exactly like traditional tiles.

The company stated that it would start the “pilot manufacturing” of the smooth and the textured tiles during this quarter, with the Tuscan glass tiles and the Slate glass tiles to follow later. Well, it’s deja-vu of the Tesla Model 3 all over again: Tesla has confirmed that it is already sold out of solar roof tiles well into 2018.

Extremely popular and limited quantity

According to Electrek, analysts from RBC Capital Markets met with Tesla’s CFO Deepak Ahuja and sent out a note to their clients, saying that Tesla’s solar roof tiles are sold out into next year. The website also independently confirmed with Tesla that indeed, the demand for these tiles have exceeded the company’s expectations, and as of now, Tesla believes they won’t be available until late 2018 or even 2019.

It’s true that Panasonic recently poured a whopping $250 million into Tesla’s Buffalo facility in order to accelerate its solar tile production, but it remains unclear whether easing up the manufacturing demand alone can solve the problem.

Are you one of the people who pre-ordered Tesla’s solar tiles? Do you think Tesla’s re-invented solar panels could become a disruptive force? Let us know!

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