Continuing to roll out their autonomous driving efforts, Uber is taking their self-driving technology to Toronto, Canada. It may be a little early for potential Canadian customers to get too excited, this will be a small research branch.

Working with the Ontario and federal governments, the project will be headed by University of Toronto AI researcher Raquel Urtasun. This new branch of Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group will be the first outside of the U.S.

Uber has been learning all about self-driving technology and the legal hurdles to unleash their fleet through several States across the U.S. With major obstacles met in California, and more than a few accidents under their belt, it’s time for a new geographic and legal learning experience.

It’s not like Canadian roads are all that different from American roadways, trust me, I’m a Canadian that has been in the U.S for a few years now. Registration and passenger rules do apply though. I suspect we’ll follow along Uber’s experiences from here to learn what it takes to put an autonomous car on the road.

The Canadian team bring plenty of AI and machine perception experience to the company, this should prove a helping hand in getting fully autonomous Uber vehicles safely on the road.

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