You know what they say about making assumptions, well, I had been blissfully living my life under the impression that Vespa already produced electric scooters. Man was I wrong! Good news, the Italian brand has announced their move to motors instead of engines, and the Vespa Elettrica project is born.

Due in the second half of 2017, the Vespa Elettica project will offer fully electric options on the familiar and trusted brand of scooters.

As the rumor mill goes, there are actually two units currently in development, based on the Vespa LX 50 and another on the Piaggio X8 125. Here again, if you’re like me, suffice to say that the iconic scooter look is in full effect here, with a promise that nothing is changing in the overall experience except the use of electric motors.

We would have loved to see specific details on the actual tech Vespa is planning, we know that the scooters come now with gas powered engines producing in the ballpark of 10 – 20HP. Car enthusiasts may laugh, but 20HP is about all you need to get up to 70MPH on these small, single seater scooters. Needless to say, you won’t need a Tesla level electric motor to power the new scooters.


Sticking true to their 70 year legacy as a globally recognized scooter manufacturer, Vespa is promising the same style, agility, ease of use and more, just with some new technology and environmental friendliness.

“Innovative connectivity solutions” is about the extent of an explanation. We’ll join you in the comments if you can think of what that is supposed to mean. For now, we’re expecting flexible charging solutions, perhaps you’ll be able to plug into any wall socket as well as the EV charging station at your local parking lot. We’re hoping to at least see communication with our mobile devices, getting charge level and maybe a GPS location lock beamed up to our phone or tablet.

The second half of 2017 is a long wait for many of us, and there are plenty of other electric scooters out there now, will you be holding out for a Vespa Elettrica project scooter?

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